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Alpha studio

An online web application for Photographers|Studios|Publishers
to manage photo production

Alpha studio

Online integrated photo project management

From brief to images delivery

Gestion de la production photo en ligne

From photo request to file delivery, Alpha studio is your new web application, a customized interface to organize shoots and manage the photo production of photographers, studios and publishers. A unique online resource center, shared by all those involved in the photo project.

  • Embedded briefing notes right into the project
  • Samples and photo types logistic management
  • Photo shots validation, single or double step
  • Photo file cutout and retouching workflow
  • Automated HD photo delivery
  • Photo library module

> About Alpha studio, in english

They chose Alpha studio

Photographers, Studio, Publishers...

Studio Contrejour


With Alpha studio, this renowned photo studio in the Lille region (France) offers the new photos taken on the sets directly in the web browser of its customers.

But international

BUT International

Buyers' photo requests are handled in Alpha studio. Treatments, retouching and cropping are proposed and validated online. The application delivers the photos directly to the DAM.



From the logistic management of the photo samples to the delivery of the files to the photo-engraver, the workflow of the company's photo production is handled in Alpha studio.

Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque

Communauté Urbaine Dunkerque

The reports of the institution's photographers are published in the application. The photos are enriched: tags, captions, description... They are then validated by the communication department and automatically delivered to the integrated photo library.

Stay connected to your photo production

One single application, turnkey services included

Accessible 24/7 in SAS mode

The production manager, the agency and the ADs, the logisticians, the photographers in studios, on report or on location, the clipping service provider, the photoengraving services... All the actors of the photo project connect to the application with their web browser, wherever they are, whenever they want...
All information and files are hosted in a secure environment and backed up daily.

Custom SetUp and training

Take advantage of Alpha studio's functionalities within a few hours tailored to the needs of your organization. The configuration of the application is implemented following your usual way to work with the partners of the photo project.
Users training is provided by profile in sessions lasting no more than a few hours.

User support and application maintenance

Alpha studio is also a quality service on a regular basis. The team is at your side to help you and assist you when you need it.
A question ? A problem ? User support is available by email and phone.

the photo project workflow

Each and every steps of photo production managed right in Alpha studio

  • Creating the new project in Alpha Studio

    A new photo request ?!

    Creation of the new project in Alpha studio !

    The list of current projects is displayed on the application dashboard. The new project hosts the photo briefing notes, the list of samples, and placeholders for any images to be made within the project scope.

  • The Road-Book

    Photo briefing notes

    Visuals, pictures, PDF documents, notes...

    At the level of the photo project, but also for each image, we document the "Road Book". Recording of photo charters, roughs and other models, or decor design plans... And even the list of products for ambiance shots!

  • Meta-images of the project

    The "Meta-images" of the project

    The creation of the Shots Dashboard

    In the project each visual to be created has its own place: the Meta-image that will support the briefs, the logistics information and the visual to be validated for delivery, in fine. The creation of the meta-images may be automated by importing a CSV file, for instance...

  • Management of Photo Types and Samples

    Photo Type Management

    Availability of samples within the project

    For each photo, and at the project level, logistical information and real-time sample availability check within the application interface..

  • Photos are submitted for validation

    Quiet on the set! Let's shoot.

    Shooting is submitted for validation

    The photographer provides the visuals online in the project, via FTP or even by drag and drop. Up to 99 versions for a meta-image! The application checks file naming and assigns files to the meta-images of each project, automatically.

  • Photo validation

    Validation, or not.

    With or without comment.

    Alpha studio generates optimized and light images on the fly to present them for validation, simple or 2 levels, artistic or technical... HD files are stored for delivery or processing. A visual comparator is available when several versions are proposed.
    Validation or rejection? The visual can be annotated, pointed with visual markers, with or without comment.

  • Editing or clipping processing circuit

    Retouching or clipping?

    Built-in pre- or post-processing of image files

    For a packshot photo project, for example, the files can be sent to a service provider for retouching or trimming. Alpha studio automates file exchanges and treatment validation!

  • Automated delivery of HD files

    Automated delivery of HD files

    via FTP, to a DAM or to the photo library?

    Delivered as soon as it is validated!
    Validated visuals are delivered immediately according to project preferences. Available for downloading, they can be delivered to a personalized FTP account, which is configurable within the application... Or to a remote FTP, to reach a DAM, for instance... The choice is yours!

Originally designed by a professional photographer, shaped, improved over time thanks to more than 10 years of use in studios and by publishers, communication agencies, mail order or retail companies ... The Alpha studio application is used on a daily basis to manage the photo production of organizations.

Photo Project Management

for web and print content,
from request to delivery

Sample logistics

Product listings by photo,
online check-in score

Photo validation

Artistic and/or technical,
Cutout / retouching workflow

HD file delivery

Download, FTP, DAM
or Integrated Photo Library

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Alpha studio is an original web application designed by E SYSTEMES. Facilitate, optimize as of tomorrow the flow of your online photographic production!

The Alpha studio web application is available by subscription: an installation package, a fixed monthly subscription that includes access to the platform and hosting.
A mini-training... and you have the keys, start working right now.